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Wyndham Way

Project:  Extra Care Scheme 
Client:    Anchor Hanover 

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Anchor Hanover is a not-for-profit charitable organisation providing services to older people throughout the UK. The proposed development seeks to deliver 92 extra care apartments set across two distinctive blocks on this brown field site. The development would provide a modern, secure and comfortable environment with a range of one, two and three bedroom homes. The facilities would also include a restaurant, residents lounge, treatment rooms and also guest accommodation.

The site is situated on the approach into the town centre and would very much act as a gateway to those arriving creating a landmark and key wayfinding building. The courtyard approach allows the apartments to make best use of the sunlight and take views across the landscape and beyond to other areas of the town.

The new homes would be conveniently located adjacent to existing amenities and those of the town itself which have seen a resurgence throughout 2020 as people revert to more localised shopping habits. The site is only a 10min walk from the marina and a further 5 mins to the beach with all the obvious benefits which they would offer any new resident.   

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