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At Cryer & Coe we are primarily focused on the relationships between people, space, light and the built environment, model making gives the client a real world connection which computer aided work often lacks. We scribble, sketch and doodle but more often than not we want to develop this further in 3D away from the computer environment. We use model making as a tool to explore projects and aid the design generally from infancy through to planning and beyond. Models also allow us to better explain the proposals with other members of the project team as design is collaborative.  We like to think we can build things too so we jump on the tools sometimes as well, a number of our smaller furniture projects are also shown below.

Stack it higher


Residential extension, Southville, Bristol 


Howard Road 

Click to see this is in 360°

Residential extension, Redland, Bristol 


They've got some bottle...

Bespoke chandelier for Rawlings


The Eve, Easton 

Residential extension, Easton, Bristol 


St James's Place - WC Refurb

Existing WC refurbishment 


OSB Furniture