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St John's Lane

Project:  Affordable Housing Scheme 
Client:    United Communities 

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United Communities is a Bristol based housing association committed to doing everything it can to ease the housing crisis afflicting Bristol. The waiting list for affordable housing in the city currently stands at 12,000. 
The proposed development seeks to deliver 29 affordable homes with a mix of smaller apartments and larger family sized units, all of the homes will feature dual aspect windows, private amenity space and be built to Passivhaus Principles meaning high thermal efficiencies and low carbon footprints. Each family home will feature heat recovery and recirculation which will not only save on heating (and cooling) bills but more importantly improve indoor air quality, helping overcome a crucial health issue affecting the city and nation as a whole.
The building is situated on a corner location of a urban block of Bedminster. The building layout itself is driven by contextual parameters and consequently divided into a northern and western block running along the perimeter of the site. These blocks accommodate a total of 29 apartments connected via a corner entrance node allowing ease of access from the street junction into the apartments. 
The project has recently received unanimous support from Bristol City Council Planning Committee in what was one of the first virtually held meetings for the Local Authority.

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