Rawlings & Son Ltd.

Project:  New build office headquarters,                    Warmley, Bristol 

Client:    Rawlings

Awards: British Council for Offices’ (BCO)                  South West and South Wales                        award for projects up to 1,500m2  

A new suite of offices for a glass distribution company dating back to the 1800s which started out collecting used beer bottles from local bars, cleaning them and bringing them back to the brewery for reuse.


The company has expanded in recent years owing in part to the huge increase in demand from local craft breweries in Bristol and further afield. Outgrowing their previous warehouse and offices they commissioned Cryer & Coe to design a new purpose-built office adjacent to their newly acquired warehouse complex.


Complementing their rebranding, the investment into their new head office seeks to both cater for existing staff and attract the right calibre of new employees.  


The project has recently won the British Council for Offices’ (BCO) South West and South Wales Award for Projects up to 1,500m2.


Key element: Naturally ventilated headquarters embodying Rawlings’ future strategic growth programme


Max McClure


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